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Saturday, November 15, 2003

Harold Green's Follow-up E-Mail


Freedom, Democracy and the Tory Party

Hello All,
I have received one or two controversial comments regarding my last letter to the membership. (see immediately following post - ed.) I have also had letters and phone calls in support.

A tough stance on any topic is bound to cause controversy, but, if used sparingly, a tough stance can be very effective.

The truth is that IDS was removed from office in a highly suspect and undemocratic manner.

Tthe trigger for this was the fact that the Conservative Party suddenly found itself 6 points ahead of New Labour following the Tory Party Conference in October. So the europhiles within the party and the eurofanatics outside the party struck!

It was a co-ordinated effort by the media, Tory europhile MP's and europhile Tory volunteer party workers.

The question is why?

As Christina has said many times over the net " nothing can be done to prevent the complete take-over of this country by the EU without the support of the Conservatives." Especially the 'grass roots' membership and the Tory voters. Brussels is aware of this point and will act as soon as it looks as though the Tories are about to make a serious challenge to New Labour.

We must ask ourselves why it is that the EU loses £4billion every year and the auditors refuse to sign the accounts? It is not all down to 'cows grazing on the tops of skyscrapers.' A large part of that so-called loss must surely finish up as some kind of slush-fund. Many palms are therefore being greased in many countries!

In addition there are many open ways in which EU funding is distributed. EU funding is being given to the Churches, Chambers of Commerce and other organisations who then become dependant upon the largesse from Brussels.

The one who pays the piper calls the tune!

Rupert Murdoch states that he might switch support from New Labour to the Conservatives over the issue of the EU Constitution.

How will Brussels counteract that move, if it happens?

Will there be defections to the Lib/Dems by some europhile MP's?

Why is it that the Conservative Party is dragging its feet producing literature with which to fight the EU Constitution?

These questions need answering, and quickly, if we are to win the fight to hold a referendum on the EU Constitution and thereby keep our pound!

Meanwhile, Reform-UK's leaflets and 'No EU Constitution' stickers are readily available to all those who need them.

Kind regards,


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