A safe harbour and natural home for UKIP Refugees?

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Where Now?

Sick to death of scandal and wasting your campaigning energies on nothing but internal disputes and debilitating inter-faction squabbles. Then you sound like a one-time member of the United Kingdom Independence Party that liked to call itself UKIP.

Loathe the EU and its constant erosion of our nation's sovereignty and its peoples' democratic rights? Still distrust the Tories to protect enough of our nation's independence against the monolithic European Union?

Perhaps the Reform-UK party offers an alternative. This web site has been established by an individual ex-UKIP member who is primarily concerned to find a new and better way of resisisting what daily gets clearer seems to be becoming a new non-democratic Franco-German European Axis that is poised to take control of our lives.

A link is provided to the home page of Reform-UK which having been set up by earlier UKIP refugees has much to offer in the way of matching philosophy and policy with what first drove many to form or join many earlier EU resistance parties.

Links will be added and a Comment feature is planned to make the site interactive for the exchange of ideas that is essential before making a choice of a new political home.

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