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Saturday, December 27, 2003


This interesting e-mail was circulated by Reform UK Party Leader Harold Green this morning:

For the benefit of those who did not watch last night's celebrity edition of Mastermind the spectacle of a Minister of the Crown being thoroughly destroyed by a hack journalist,a television chef and 'Barry' from Eastenders has got to be worth a mention.

David Blunkett the Home Secretary, no less, had the timerity to pitch his wits against people who had not only done their 'homework' but who had displayed far superior reactions to difficult questions when they were not sure of the correct answers. Blunkett's reaction was to sit and grin. His score was a poor 9 out of 17 on his chosen subject, which was the Books of Harry Potter, and a derisory 2 on the general knowledge section. How he must have wished for one of those nice cosy John Humphrys news interviews where he could waffle away, uninterupted , and be able to conveniently change the subject in order avoid giving a straight answer; he even admitted as much.

Here was a clear example of the lack of talent displayed by politicians and the need for more MP's from the smaller parties to represent the voters instead of the lip-servers, time servers and cronies that we have all become used to. Sadly this will not happen because at the next general election the electorate will not make their decisions on the main issue (or issues) of the EU but on the sheer incompetence of the New Labour government.

However, let nothing that I have said take away the achievement of 'Barry' because he thoroughly deserved his win.He answered all his questions correctly on his chosen subject with no passes. On the general knowledge section he answered 9 correctly which was over 4 times the input of David Blunkett.

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